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LED Explosion Proof Portable Light

Model: EPLG03-12




Lightings for flammable and explosive locations; lightings of maintenance, emergency rescues, underwater work.and patrol lighting around petrochemical, electricity, metallurgy, public security, fire protection.


*power efficiency of our LED flashlight and portable light are more than 5 times than traditional flashlight, also more energy-saving, enviromental protection;

*life expectancy of light source is 100,000 hours, and lithium battery can charge 800 times, 7-25 hours contineously working time after each charging;

*It's convenient to carry on, we provide one belt for handfree, it can be used for civil exploration activity and military use.

*Three or four modes: strong light, weak light, and twinkling flash (portable lights have SOS signal light).

*Adopt CREE or SSC chips.

*Explosion-proof, shock-proof, water-proof

*Apply to field exploration, disaster-relief, police patrol, mining, metallurgy, oil petroleum, chemical industry, electric power,civil exploration activity and military use.

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